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Pro Discount-Your Joining The Worlds Best Beauty Professionals

Pro Discount-Your Joining The Worlds Best Beauty Professionals

We have created a Makeup Weapons PRO membership to give professional makeup artists members-only benefits and discounts on Makeup Weapons products. As a Makeup Weapons PRO you will receive:

  • A 15% discount off all Makeup Weapons full price products
  • Access to our Makeup Weapons PRO member newsletter to keep up to date with sales, new releases and upcoming trade shows.

To apply please email us your completed application along with proper documentation via email at

Apply for pro discount

Makeup Weapons PRO membership is currently available to all artists World wide. Makeup Weapons PRO membership and the special privileges associated with it may only be used by the individual to whom the membership is issued. Makeup Weapons PRO Artist's online membership remain the property of Makeup Weapons. In the event that the Makeup Weapons PRO Artist membership is used in a manner which violates program guidelines, Makeup Weapons reserves the right to cancel the membership, render the account inactive, and revoke membership privileges. Makeup Weapons also reserves the right to modify the program and its benefits at any time without prior notification.


1. Create a Makeup Weapons account [here]

2. Email your ID and at least three (3) of the following to
Website link;

  • Name and link to creative agency you are signed with;
  • Copy of diploma, certificate or other beauty/makeup certification; and/or
  • Current tear sheets

3. Only fully complete applications will be responded to. You will be notified when you pro-discount takes effect on your account. Approval may take between 24-48 working hours.