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How to use the Makeup Weapons

Makeup Weapons

1.12 Fine Liner Professional Makeup Brush


Use The 1.12 Fine Liner Brush When Your Winging Everything In Life Except Your Eyeliner

You want to be able to achieve a sharp line in the fastest possible time. You will love that the 1.12 Fine Liner brush is ideal for fine lines, and gives you the ability to do very detailed eyeliner or lip line. Specifically designed to have densely packed bristles to ensure a Thin Yet Not Too Flexible Brush to give a perfect application. 

Whether you make your living doing makeup as a Makeup Artist or you’re just makeup-obsessed, you know the right makeup brushes can make ALL the difference. 

 Easy to use multi functionally on the lips and the eyes.

One of our most popular award-winning products 2019 Beauty Shortlist Awards and 2020 Australian Enterprise Awards for Best makeup Brush 


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