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Our Founder, Our Why and Our Pledge - Sheri Vegas

Meet the Founder

Sheri Vegas is one of Australia’s most sought-after beauty industry experts.

Sheri Vegas is a fresh and innovative make-up artist and hair stylists that is in constant demand for photo shoot’s, red carpet, runway, and bridal industries. She was named as the only Australian make-up artist in Buzz Feed’s 2013 list of ‘The Coolest Make-Up Artists to Follow’ on Instagram


Sheri has been placed as one of the top ten finalists the lasted five years for Australian Beauty Industry Awards in the Makeup Artist of the Year category.


Not only is Sheri such a talented Makeup Artist but also created Makeup Weapons. Makeup Weapons is a range of luxury and cruelty-free makeup brushes and tools...

In addition to this impressive background, Sheri has also worked at international fashion weeks such as London, Sydney and Melbourne Fashion weeks.

A little-known fact about Sheri is that she is also an artist and can be found on youtube and Instagram teaching and inspiring students with her resin art.


Sheri was also named Best Independent Business Thinker 2018 and Makeup Weapons Best Independent Makeup Brand 2018

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Our Why?
 I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am that my brushes are now accredited-cruelty-free this was always my one non-negotiable.  
I developed these purely because I am an editorial make-up artist and work with many clients, including models who are vegan and or cruelty free and there was nothing on the market that was make-up artist quality to use - even though the hair brushes claim to be cruelty-free because the animals aren’t killed, the process to remove the hair is truly shocking.  I refused to use them and saw an opportunity to create something that was truly cruelty-free to make people aware and provide a much better alternative.
I hope you love using them as much as I do!  Sheri
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To design innovative professional standard products that have a focus on being cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. Our pledge to you the consumer is that we will forever be a cruelty-free brand.  a drawing of a facea close up of a logo