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Meet The Maker by Renee The Happy Organic Girl

Meet The Maker by Renee The Happy Organic Girl
Meet The Maker by Renee Happy Organic Girl

Meet the Makers – Sheri from Makeup Weapons

Happy Monday! I’ve had an incredible day starting it with a gym session and then coming home and doing some cleaning. I have a week off in between starting my new role and it’s been really rewarding spending the day doing the little things.

Today we are chatting with Sheri from Makeup Weapons, which is a vegan and cruelty free makeup line. Sheri has created the most amazing make up brushes which are so soft to touch and are stunning.

I became familiar with the Makeup Weapons brand early last year and was then lucky enough to meet Sheri at the Tribe Skincare Melbourne event where we had a lovely chat.

Meet The Maker by Renee Happy Organic Girl
Photo Credit- @sherivegas_mua

R. Thanks for joining us today Sheri, it’s lovely getting to chat again!
What lead you to starting Makeup Weapons?

S. Cruelty-free was always my one non-negotiable. I developed these purely because I am an editorial make-up artist and work with many clients, including models who are vegan and there was nothing on the market that was make-up artist quality to use – even though the hair brushes claim to be cruelty-free because the animals aren’t killed, the process to remove the hair is truly shocking.  I refused to use them and saw an opportunity to create something that was truly cruelty-free but yet of a professional standard to make people aware and provide a much-better alternative.

R. I absolutely love that about your brand, and how eco-conscious you are.
If you weren’t running Makeup Weapons, what would you be doing?

S. I am a makeup artist, so if I wasn’t running Makeup Weapons, I would be doing more makeup work.

Meet The Maker by Renee Happy Organic Girl
Photo Credit- @makeup_weapons

R. What have you found to be the biggest challenge with running a business?

S. I think it is keeping the brand exciting and new, so customers want to come back.

R. I’d love to hear what day-to -day life looks like for you in the world of Makeup Weapons?

S. I exercise the first thing in the morning, generally two classes. Then I go to the studio to see my admin and marketing manager and see what sales are coming through. We will then discuss marketing concepts and ideas as a team. Sometimes we need to do a photo shoot or live content for either MakeUp Weapons or my personal Instagram, in which we are joined by our graphic artist and/or photographer. I tend to work on new ideas for products at night when its quiet and I have no distractions.

Meet The Maker by Renee Happy Organic Girl
Photo Credit- @makeup_weapons

R. Any big tips for those considering starting a business in beauty?

S. Double the amount you think it will cost and always watch cash flow, earn more than you spend. Develop a product that no one else has done, so find a gap in the market.

R. A fun question, where the imagination can run wild. What would you do if money was no object?

S. I would travel continually and make it a point to go to the top 10 dive sites in the world.

R. Are you working on anything new at the Makeup Weapons HQ?

S. Yes, we are, we have several new products being developed and will be branching out to cosmetics. Watch this space, they are fabulous and will be a game changer!

Meet The Maker by Renee Happy Organic Girl
Photo Credit- @sherivegas_mua

R. I love hearing good news stories, how do you celebrate success?

S. I celebrate my success with travel, it is the best feeling for me to be on an adventure somewhere. I recently came back from working with Budapest Tourism and I chronicle all my journeys on Instagram.

R. Who has been the most influential person to you and your business

S. My mother, as she has always been in business and is a great sounding board.

Meet The Maker by Renee Happy Organic Girl
Photo Credit- @makeup_weapons

R. While you’re not running the business, what do you like to get up too? 

S. I love exercise and I’m also an adrenaline nut. I am happy to try any extreme sport. I also have a passion for the ocean and scuba diving.

R. Often it’s purpose that pushes us, have you figured out yours?

S. I don’t know if I have fully figured out my purpose yet, however at the moment my passion is promoting cruelty free products and the companies that make them.

R. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

S. When a great makeup artist says they love my product, the creativity involved with designing new products, teaching art whether that be in a workshop or a You Tube tutorial and seeing the great feedback, such as how it has helped someone else with their art practice.

Meet The Maker by Renee Happy Organic Girl
Photo Credit- @makeup_weapons

R. Self-care is incredibly important, how do you like to practice this?

S. Having massages regularly. Finding the exercise that’s right for you so it isn’t a chore and finding time for new hobbies – mine is art.

R. Walk us through your beauty routine, what does this look like?

S. I cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day and use masks about once a week. I believe in exfoliating a lot and I also drink a lot of water. I eat a healthy diet – your skin is your biggest organ, so what you do and eat always shows.

Meet The Maker by Renee Happy Organic Girl
Photo Credit- @sherivegas_mua

R. If you could reach for any skincare product, what would it be?

S. I love rosehip oil and use it daily.

R. Such a simple yet versatile staple Rosehip Oil. I also love mine!
Thank you for joining us for Meet the Makers! It’s been wonderful. 

If you would like to connect with Makeup Weapons you can do so via their website at or via instagram @makeup_weapons

Have a great week everyone!


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