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Fast 5 with Heidi Scarlett King

Fast 5 with Heidi Scarlett King

Fast 5 with Heidi Scarlett King By Sheri Vegas Makeup Weapons

Meet one of our artists from our Makeup Weapons Master Class.

Fast 5 with Heidi Scarlett King

For the past 14 years, Australian born artist Heidi Scarlett King has built a name internationally in the makeup artistry and beauty world, working with some of the biggest and best names in television, fashion, and cosmetics throughout the UK, Europe, and Australia.

Fast 5 with Heidi Scarlett King


Here are a few questions for our followers to get to know you a bit better.

MW: Tell us about your background, what path lead you to where you are today?

Well, I'm a Perth girl originally, but left at 18 to pursue makeup in Sydney (it was 2001 & not many makeup schools in Oz!) I fell in love with Sydney so I stayed on, assisting as much as I could whilst working part-time at MAC. I was lucky to begin assisting with makeup maestro Dotti for almost 2 years which was in incredible jumpstart into high fashion. My 1st day with her was shooting a Vogue cover, the 2nd day Harper's bazaar. At 23 I was instantly addicted to fashion makeup, so I continued to work & learn & although it was hard times, it was very exciting too. I worked every season for MBFW & got an agent, but In 2008 I was ready for new challenges, so I packed up & moved to London. It certainly was a challenge starting again in a new country but after a year (of wondering why the hell is moved!!) contacts & work started to open up slowly, and soon I realised that there's a much higher ceiling with work in London than lil OZ (and that was exhilarating!) I started freelancing on a lot of TV shows & began working personally with some high profile names. It was in 2012 I was asked to do a screen test for a well known morning show, ITV This Morning show, for their next beauty experts; I ended up getting the role & they created a beauty squad segment. We created beauty How-Tos and also appeared on live TV answering viewers Questions. It was such an exciting time, beauty companies would throw sooo much product at me because they wanted it in the show. It also opened up a lot of doors in the way of presenting/hosting that I would never have predicted.

MW: Tell us about your product-squad. What are the hero products/tools in your kit are your ride or dies?

Well, I must admit this squad list changes quite a lot as I'm constantly trying new products!! At the minute, it's: By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra Powder (this powder has been no.1 for 6 years with me! Say no more) The Estee Edit Pore minimizing stick (a new one, great for oil & open pores), Studio 10 makeup glowplexion plumping blush (make everyone's skin look like you've just stepped out of a spa) Kiko cosmetics water Eyeshadows (wet and dry, has serious pigment!) Charlotte tilbury (cream shadow pots.. They stay looking wet & are long-wearing)

Fast 5 with Heidi Scarlett King

MW: You always have exciting things happening! What is next on the horizon for you?

I do??! I guess a lot of that comes from constantly looking for new things to work on (that's a job in itself!!) but I go crazy when I'm quiet!! Things coming up are I'll be working on a new tv series (keep an eye out), a work trip to shanghai with a very glamorous 'housewife', my masterclasses start soon-yay! And some exciting masterclasses with the Beauty expo & some other makeup brands :"))

Fast 5 with Heidi Scarlett King

MW: You work a lot in TV on some very interesting shows, you mentioned you started working on TV shows in London, tell us about some of the shows you've done thus far.

Yes, actually I did briefly assist the head of makeup for channel 7 straight out of makeup school on a few shows but quickly moved into fashion. It was in London & since being back in Oz that I've done shows tv again. In London I worked on quite a few entertainment shows for various channels but I guess one of the highlights was The bachelor and getting flown to St Tropez for the filming! This year I was the hair & makeup supervisor on The Voice for the battles & blinds and Aus Next Top model. It's been a great year so far, I feel very lucky to have been asked on such fun shows.

Fast 5 with Heidi Scarlett King

Fast Five MW: What could you absolutely not live without? Energy supplements at the moment! (All natural, don't worry!!)

MW: When was there a time you thought W-T-F? All the time! I think it springs to mind quite regularly when scrolling through Instagram & seeing some absurd makeup pics! All this clowning/baking/caking biz.. Hello..!! You look ridiculous!!!

MW:Are you a dog or cat person? Both of recent! Always been a dog lover, but now recently an insane cat lady thanks to my two rescue babies :"))

MW:If you could have dinner with anybody dead or alive, who would that be and why? Kevin Aucoin (I'm a 90s fan girl), Harvey Specter (big suits fan.. Yes I know he's not real!) Brett Easton Ellis (one of my fave fiction writers), Kurt cobain (I've got so many questions!), Julienne Moore (I find her intriguing) and John Cleese (mad & funny).

MW: Favorite place in the world to holiday in? Mauritius.. I got married there a few years back & I'm desperate to go back again. It's got history & culture, breathtaking unspoilt beaches, luxury placed to stay & beautiful warm people.

Fast 5 with Heidi Scarlett King

Make sure you check out Heidi on her Instagram @heidiscarlettkingmakeup as well Heidi with me one of our Key makeup artists in the Makeup Weapons Ultimate Master Class. Date are up now under shop on the website for Brisbane and Sydney Dates. Don't forget you can book now and pay later with After Pay. 

Fast 5 with Heidi Scarlett King

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