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6 Unmissable Beauty Hacks-Samara Nillson

6 Unmissable Beauty Hacks-Samara Nillson

Words by Samara Nilsson

6 Unmissable Beauty Hacks-Samara Nillson

We’re sure you have heard it all before, those beauty tips that seem okay, but when you take the plunge and actually try them are total duds, like that red lipstick concealer crap or contouring with a damned spoon. 

Here at Makeup Weapons we understand how much white noise there is on the internet, so we asked professional makeup artists for their favourite beauty hacks and have come up with this list of practical beauty tips, that are tested and tried and actually work!

1. Use Coconut Oil to remove eye makeup
It is no secret that coconut oil is pretty much made form the loins of God and can be used for a range of things outside of the kitchen - from mouthwash to moisturiser! So, it should come as no surprise that it makes for an amazing (and gentle) eye makeup remover. Just Massage a small amount into your peepers to eradicate all remnants of eye makeup - it is even strong enough to break down gel eye liner!

6 Unmissable Beauty Hacks-Samara Nillson

2. Turn lipsticks semi-matte with tissues and translucent powder
Matte lipsticks are 100% in at the moment, but sometimes finding that perfect shade (and perfect formula) can be a bit difficult! With lipsticks having an expiry date, you want to be using as much of those suckers as you can, but never fear, you can turn your favourite shade semi-matte using a few kit essentials.


  1. After lipstick is applied, separate a tissue (so it is super thin) and place it over your lips.
  2. Using your Makeup Weapons Pointed Blender Brush, apply translucent powder liberally to your lips.
  3. Touch up with any concealer as necessary to keep those lip lines sharp! 

3. Create indestructible bobby pins with hairspray
Sick of flimsy bobby pins falling out? Or your up styles just not holding as strongly? Firstly, are you using your pins the right way? The rig (i.e. The bumpy side) of the bobby pin should be downward facing, this is your first failsafe against slippery bobby pins. Secondly, spay those babies with hairspray before applying, it will give your bobby pins extra grip to hold even the heaviest of styles.  

6 Unmissable Beauty Hacks-Samara Nillson

4. When rocking a dark smokey-eye, do your eyes first! 
We've all been there, you are racing out the door, about to finish your makeup, and notice some dastardly fall out, you think, 'I'll just gingerly wipe that away with a q-tip’.

All of a sudden your few specs of fall out turn into a one giant smear that leaves you looking like an Adam’s family relation (BTW chances of this happening double when you are rushing!). If you know you are doing a heavy smokey-eye, do not be afraid to start on your eyes first, and then come back to the rest of your face. This way, if you get any fall out, you can just wipe it away with a baby wipe and then start on creating a flawless base.  This not only saves your base and product, but will save you time. Also, do not freak out when you see yourself with boss smokey eyes and no other makeup, it does look a little starkly at first, however have faith, once you have your usual makeup on it'll all work. 

5. Cut Bar lashes in half to help with application
If you are new to bar lashes, hell, even if you are a regular 'lasher', you know that some types are trickier to apply! Avoid getting your eyes stuck together and cut your lashes into more manageable pieces and apply section at a time, your bottom lashes will thank you for it!

6. Mix dishwashing liquid and shampoo for beautiful soft bushes
Woefully missing when your brushes were soft fluffy and white?

Mix a ratio of 50:50 dishwashing liquid to shampoo to work up a lather and get those babies looking brand new again! The dishwashing liquid will sanitise your brushes and the shampoo will leave them velvet soft. Best of all, this mixture is a boat load cheaper then brush cleaner!

Want to learn how to clean your brushes? See our video here

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