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2016 Beauty Trends as Forecasted

2016 Beauty Trends as Forecasted

Written by Samara Nilsson for Makeup weapons 


Here at Makeup Weapons we are not the ‘New Year new me’ types, however we have made some careful observations of the evolution of some of 2015’s biggest trends. Let us start saying that this article is not to shame 2015, 2015 was a fantastic time in the beauty world! Like the proverbial caveman, the makeup world is swiftly evolving, meaning we can let go of some of these techniques and embrace new styles. Also, Instagram has a lot to answer for. Could 2016 see the death of Instagram trends?

We damn well hope so. Ta-ta overdone matte lipsticks, hello luscious glossy lips.
Why? Mostly because of three words: cat’s bum mouth. 

Wet to matte lipsticks have taken the industry by storm, with excellent staying power and the ability to quick dry for sharp lines they have been a godsend for makeup-artists and beauty lovers alike.

However, these products can be quite drying on your lips, which coupled with the fact that your mouth generally likes to move, over time the product will find its way into the fine lines of your lips and before you know it, your pretty-pink lippy starts looking like a pretty-pink butt-hole. Although the formulas of these products are developing to become better wearing, we are anticipating in 2016 that the natural glossy lip will make a comeback. We love using a pencil then stacking with gloss, however watch how close you get to the edges you go with the gloss, because that stuff will run like a jilted lover, instead build your product from the inside out. 

We get it, y’all love big lips, hell, we love big lips! But, there are subtler ways to achieve this rather than with broken lip-lines and weird suction cup things. Also, please do not even bother with the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge, it is the equivalent of the waist trainer of the makeup world and you are not fooling anybody.

RIP Instagram ‘on fleek’ brow
Okay, we hope that this is a painfully obvious one. But, for the love of God, get rid of heavily stencilled brows, especially the kind that a super square at the front of your brow! Unless, of course, that is because you want to look like a Geordie Shore extra! 

Instead embrace a slightly fuller, more natural softer arched brow, we are loving Samantha Harris’ brows. The crazy thing about this makeup fail, is that it is so easily corrected, just brush your brow colour through your brows to soften the look. You could do this using a clean mascara wand, or the Makeup Weapons 1.10 Angled Brow Brush, which is specifically designed for perfect brows.

 2016 Beauty Trends as Forecasted
Perfect brows on Samantha Harris Source: Popsugar

Bye-bye cray-cray contouring
Over the last few years the world has revelled in the discovery of contouring, but 2015 saw contouring go to a whole new level of crazy. Let us start this off saying, we are contour lovers, but there is a time and a place for a heavy contour, and for the most part, natural daylight is not one of those places. Unless you are walking around with studio lighting, those sharp heavy angles and overly bright eye highlights look far from flattering.  

A lot of us were taught many moons ago the old ‘use three foundations to contour’ trick, but alike most industries, makeup formulas, technology and techniques are always evolving, and you no longer need to utilise this dinosaur technique to achieve a solid contour. In addition, the wastage of three foundations is absolute blasphemy!

Instead, opt for a tiny bit of sculpting cream or even a pigmented concealer and buff it in with Makeup Weapons 1.3 Angled Contour Brush to get your contour on point. Be mindful of your under eye highlight colour selection as well, a lot of standardised contour palettes have paler then white colours for your highlight, which also can show up strangely in daylight.  

If you wanted a minimal look, you could even use powder products with the Makeup Weapons 1.2 Small Tapered Powder Brush, it is soft & fluffy and will let you sculpt like a renaissance period artisan, rather than like a drunk tradie with a chisel.

Using the right makeup brushes and tools right from the start will help you in the long run, with contouring you don’t want harsh edges, you want soft curves and blending out heavy lines can be a real pain in the bum. If done correctly, you should not actually know someone is contoured, also, brown foundation sideburns aren’t really big in the beauty world!

Lastly, clown contouring is possibly the worst thing to happen to the industry (right behind that flipping lip challenge thing), it is as if someone saw that Simpson’s episode with the makeup gun and thought ‘How’d about I put a beauty blender on that’. Ten points to Gryffindor for creativity, but how about no?

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Feb 02, 2016

2015 was a very drag inspired year it seems.

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