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The Most on-trend Makeup Masterclasses

The Most on-trend Makeup Masterclasses
The Best Masterclasses for Makeup in Australia
The Most on-trend Masterclasses in the Makeup Industry



Let’s take a look at the fabulous creative artistry that is undeniably our top Australian Makeup Artists. These artists are at the pinnacle of our industry and to see them work is inspiring. We are talking makeup artists that have a passion for literally passing down the makeup-baton and nurturing the creative genius in everyone that watches their artistic process. Show them a little Aussie love and appreciate the plethora of home-grown talent we are lucky enough to have and enjoy. These masterclasses are so good, they could actually spark your passion and even project your career to the next level.


You will know these names… you have admired their work and you no doubt follow them on Instagram. Get ready to learn about our all-time favourite Masterclasses and the Makeup Artists who run them.


Don't miss the opportunity to attend these Masterclasses hosted by our most experienced makeup artists coming soon to a location near you. Be warned though… they all book out very quickly.

 The Most on-trend Makeup Masterclasses

  1. Becca Gilmartin

Get excited because Becca will be bringing her unique Makeup Artist courses back. 'The Makeup Mindset' Live Series is a must, and it has all the promise of the original Makeup Artist Bootcamp series. Becca can’t wait to share the new, additional concepts of the course. Becca says “Instead of creating an advanced course, I am creating new content and including it with original content for a complete career discipline”.


Lady Gaga recently said - "There's a discipline for passion, and it's not about how many times you get rejected or you fall down, or you're beaten up. It's about how many times you stand up, and are brave, and you keep going." The Makeup Mindset is a discipline, a mindset, and with artistic and practical activities to assist you in flourishing in your Makeup Career. It's unlike any Makeup course you have ever attended.


Becca says “In May, I will be previewing a new format for the course as an express, one day course.  In addition we will be conducting an evening Masterclass, 'Keeping Creative Beautiful' in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne”.


 Becca's masterclass is one of a kind and is unlike any other Masterclass I have attended. I personally recommend this Masterclass, as Becca talks about mindset and goal setting. I learnt from Becca that you can be the most incredibly talented artist but if your mindset isn’t correct that talent could be wasted. Becca has always inspired me personally and has helped me take my career to the next level. I can’t recommend Becca’s courses strongly enough. So, don't miss out on such an extraordinary chance and attend one of the best masterclasses for makeup and mindset in Australia!



 The Most on-trend Makeup Masterclasses

  1. Isabelle De Vries

Isabelle De Vries - internationally recognized, award-winning makeup artist. She's well known for being an innovator challenging traditional beauty trends. Her work has gained recognition from the makeup industry's elite and made her a leader in the Australian makeup industry.

Right now, she's touring around the world and sharing her knowledge, talent, and experience. She'll be giving her masterclasses in Los Angeles, New York and London.  What is even more exciting is that Isabelle will be back in Australia in July. You can attend her Masterclasses on July 12th in Sydney and July 14th in Melbourne.

There are so many reasons why you shouldn't miss her classes, you will see her unique style and techniques and this alone is truly inspiring.

Isabelle says “that creativity is all that matters when it comes to makeup and that every artist should be pushing their boundaries”. What's more, at her classes, you won't be only taught how to replicate a look she's creating, but she will help you find your own inspiration.

When using her styles and techniques, Isabelle will push you outside your comfort zone and encourage you to try new mixed mediums and textures. Listen, learn and enjoy, and by doing so, you will definitely grow as an artist.

Attending her masterclasses will certainly help you obtain new skills, improve your technique, and you may even learn how to achieve her iconic “Buttery Skin’



 The Most on-trend Makeup Masterclasses

  1. Martha Mok

Next on the list is the Makeup Wow Factor - Asian Bridal Masterclass by Martha Mok. If you are keen to learn and appreciate the latest makeup skills, styles, and techniques from Asia, you should definitely not miss Martha's Makeup Wow Factor Masterclass.

Martha says “I will teach you how to use various eyelid tapes for different purposes, either to enhance, correct, lift, or create a different eyelid shape”. Martha will also share her knowledge and experience regarding Asian clients. To be more specific, she will teach you what the most popular makeup styles that Asian clients crave at the moment, and the colours that are most suitable in their application.

This new knowledge and skillset is not restricted to Asian clients. At this workshop, you will gain insights into Mature Makeup, and how to make a client look more youthful, lifted and 10 years younger.

Last but not least, she will also share some tips and tricks to help you succeed in this business and advance in your career.

If you aren’t booking Asian brides, you are missing a big chunk of the wedding market .. and this is costing you dollars.  So arrange your model and get ready to learn from the best!


The Most on-trend Makeup Masterclasses 

  1. Clare Mac

Clare Mac is known all over the world and highly regarded for her creative lip and eye makeup designs. Luckily for you, this award-winning artist is bringing back her Macro Makeup Masterclass to Australia this year. The dates for the masterclass are yet to be finalized so look out for them in mid-2019.

In her live demonstrations, Clare will show and use her creative flare to help you unleash your creativity and uniqueness. She will then assist you to create your own macro beauty looks. Once you're done, Clare will provide 2 high-resolution edited photos for your portfolio which will also help you enhance your online presence. And… you can also purchase more if you need.

What's even more important to know is that Clare's Masterclass is quite versatile and includes lots of useful tips and tricks which will help you take your business to the next level. To be more specific, Clare says “you will learn how to create close up images of high quality, how to get free products and be paid for the work done, how to choose models and where to find them, and how to improve and hone your skills in such a competitive industry”.

Also, Clare will give you some tips on where to find inspiration for creating unique looks that will successfully showcase your originality and individuality. Do you look at your poorly lit and  lacklustre client photos and wonder how the well-known artists always take such great behind the scenes shots?  Clare will teach you the secrets that she and other top artists use in Macro imagery. Clare will teach you how to get the most out of every shoot by sharing tips, tricks, and techniques from Macro shots through to Editorial shoots including how to work with photographers.

Take the opportunity and upskill!

 The Most on-trend Makeup Masterclasses

  1. Samara Nilsson

Samara Nilsson’s experience includes a wide background in fashion, body art, beauty editorial, television makeup, etc.

Samara says “These Masterclasses are for all of you who want to expand and add another revenue stream to your business and they will give you the opportunity to upskill in quite a short period and add either makeup or hairstyling to your business”.

Having said that, Samara is launching The Beauty School, which is approx one day a week over  8 - 10 weeks. This is an exciting  hair or makeup course where you will be able to improve two skills at the same time.. quite time-saving when you have a busy schedule.

Samara's course is focuses on Blow Waves, amazing Fashion, and Bridal styling and when it comes to makeup, the course focuses on Bikini Comp Makeup, Photographic Makeup, Mature Aged Makeup and of course Bridal Makeup. Also, coming soon there will be an Airbrush Makeup one day workshop designed to have you all leaving as airbrush confident artists by the end of the day.

So this year you can brush up on your hair and makeup skills. Then next year checkout Samara’s Beauty Business Management and Social Media courses in 2020.

 The official launch will be at the Brisbane Hair and Beauty Expo. So stop by and say Hi to Samara and the “The Beauty School by Samara Nilsson”

The Most on-trend Makeup Masterclasses

  1. Emma Chen Artistry

Emma Chen is hosting a full day course where she shares and demonstrates all of her industry knowledge and experience working around the world as a hair and makeup artist.

Emma will also share her favourite products and even give you a sneak peak into her kit so you will see what Emma really uses to achieve her signature looks. Plus, all of her students will get an insight into the techniques and methods she's uses when approaching artistic challenges. What's more, Emma will share her tips and tricks to managing and working your social media.

And, since Emma believes that collaboration is the key to success, this year she is partnering with Jaye Edwards, hair stylists, in order to give you the most informative, collaborative, and networking event in the USA. At their course, you will have the opportunity to take a peek behind the scenes of creating perfect, trending Instagram content that can make your business go viral.

In general, Emma and Jaye will focus on the ins and outs of personal branding, i.e. what it means and what it takes to build your own brand inside a business. You will learn how to create ready to wear Instagram content from best lighting, angles, and how to engage your audience most effectively.

Now, let's see what you can learn from Emma. First, she will take you through 3 styling looks which can maximize your time and investment in the salon. She will also demonstrate how to create Instagram content and looks you can take straight back to the salon.

Furthermore, Emma will show you all the secrets needed to do her most sought-after makeup looks. Emma will also demonstrate how she creates the perfect glow that has hundreds of shares on social media globally. Emma is touring worldwide and conducting classes in New York and Los Angeles before returning to Australia for our turn at these amazing must do Masterclasses.

 The Most on-trend Makeup Masterclasses

  1. Cameron Jane

Cameron Jane Make-Up Design is an elite makeup academy widely known and praised for introducing the first ever Masterclasses to Australia.
This academy has created something quite unique - Make-Up Masterclass Membership (MMM).

Designed by you, delivered by icons - it is the first ever make-up masterclass membership program in Australia. MMM is designed to inspire every beauty lover through a great variety of affordable educational courses and workshops presented by highly recognized and well-known artists like Martha Mok, Isabelle De Vries, Jaz Pampling, Rachel Montgomery, Mia Connor.


MMM will show you new ways of learning by some of the industry's most reputable icons. All of the courses have their own unique structure which will take you on an extraordinary learning journey.

So, why join? – Cameron says “One of the benefits of becoming a member of Make-Up Masterclass Membership is having the chance to get exclusive discounts on masterclasses, to buy masterclasses as packs for further discounts, to get priority access to International Guest Artist Masterclass seminars, and to receive special offers from sponsors via monthly newsletter.”

Don't wait! Become a member today and enjoy all the benefits!


 The Most on-trend Makeup Masterclasses

8.Mia Connor

This masterclass is for professional artists wanting not only to improve their makeup skills but also how to capture it to create content.  


Mia’s Masterclasses not only inspire you artistically, but Mia also helps you learn how to capture your amazing work in your images for social media… which is what we all know brings us work.  


Mia says “No longer are we just makeup artists, we are hair stylists, creative directors, stylists, photographers, editors, creative writers and marketing managers. I will show you and teach you how I have grown my combined social media platforms to over $150k and used it to grow my business and work internationally and with brands that I have forever looked up to since the start of my makeup career”


Mia will be demonstrating one of her signature makeup styles. She will go into great detail and teach how she photographs her model, and how she utilises the lighting, angles, editing, captions, social media marketing and even getting exposure from brands.


This is very much a hands-on workshop where you will either recreate Mia’s look or a look of your own on your model.


Mia Connor Bridal Masterclass: -


If you are a Bridal artist Mia’s Bridal Masterclass may be for you,  


You will see Mia create three Bridal looks and then it’s your turn. This is a hands-on workshop where you will have two hours to create one look of your choosing. You may be inspired by one of Mia’s looks or something that is totally your own.


Mia says “Also included in this class is an in-depth group seminar on the back end of your bridal business including correspondence with potential brides, running time of the day, rates, handling of payments, trials, travel fees etc. - everything you need to consider when booking in a wedding… and all the things that no one tells you when starting your bridal business”


Imagine two hours of Mia’s help to learn her Bridal perfection techniques. You will walk away from this class much better prepared to win bridal clients in what is a very competitive market.




The Most on-trend Makeup Masterclasses 


  1. Secret Fox Education


This is a little different and perfect.  If you are a stylist or salon owner who wants to invest in education, but may not have the budget, the time or the logistics to travel, then this is for you! … And if you just suffer from FOMO and don’t want to miss out on any of the cool new trending techniques, then this is also for you.


It’s a monthly subscription to join and then you receive discounted ONLINE masterclasses


The Secret Fox Education delivers monthly training to Salons all over the globe at an affordable price, in an accessible way.


Mia & Michelle share a passion for unpretentious, real education. They love Social Media and know that’s where everyone is at. Their goal is to tap into those who know: the influencers, the style makers, the ultimate industry creators who are shaping current looks and trends and bring the lessons to our community so we can all be better artists.


They say that ” So many stylists are given pictures from their clients of styles and makeups they just have no idea how to create. We want to work with the picture makers and takers”.

The Secret Fox Education delivers monthly training to Salons and Artists all over the globe at an affordable price, in an accessible way.


So stay in your PJ’s get comfy and learn from the best of the best.  Recent featured artists include Penny Antuar, Rae Morris, Renya Xydis and Mia Connor. I feel the super advantage of these classes is you can ask questions live unlike a “you tube”  video when you may or may not receive an answer.


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