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Makeup Weapons Fast Five with Isabelle De Vries

Makeup Weapons Fast Five with Isabelle De Vries

Makeup Weapons Fast Five with Isabelle De Vries


Makeup Weapons Fast Five with Isabelle De Vries 

By Samara Nilsson


This creative cookie has been doing the rounds on the awards circuit, creating cutting-edge beauty editorial looks, touring with her very own booked out masterclass and has seamlessly positioned herself as an industry heavy weight!


We recently hosted the tremendously talented Isabelle De Vries in our headquarters for the Brisbane leg of her national tour and managed to snag the Gloss Queen herself for a quick Makeup Weapons Fast Five!


Read on to find out more about Isabelle’s love for high pressure situations, her 2018/19 makeup trend forecast and when she last said W-T-F back-stage at a fashion show!


Makeup Weapons Fast Five with Isabelle De Vries


Your body of work is amazing and you have worked on some insanely cool projects in insanely cool places, please tell us about a time (or several times) you thought “F*** yeah!” on the job.


It would actually have to be while I was on tour and in Brisbane.


The day after my Brisbane masterclass I shot an international fashion editorial for a clothing company on my way to the airport. It wasn’t so much the shoot itself, it was just the excitement and pressure. It was quite exciting and fast paced - I had to take my luggage with me to the shoot on location as I had to leave directly from the shoot and race to the airport.


I love working under pressure and remember thinking this is the life I want to live!



Tell us about your background, what path lead you to where you are today?


Like a lot of artists, I have a background in art. I still paint and draw to this day and use this as my inspiration for my editorial creations. I never set out with intention to teach, but I found that I love sharing what I know and getting others excited to create their own masterpieces.


Let’s talk 2018/19 trends, what is hot right night? 


Over shaped over arched brows are definitely out and the bushy natural browse are in! I have seen the trends change over the past year from your Instagram make up to just beautiful clean real skin and emphasis on the natural features of the face. I think we going to see a lot more beautiful glowing make up and a lot more emphasis on skin care for the rest of 2018 and 2019. I think it’s going to be all about creating a real organic glow from healthy hydrated skin. 


Makeup Weapons Fast Five with Isabelle De Vries



Tell us about your product-squad. What are the hero products/tools in your kit are your ride or dies?


Temptu SB foundation has got to be my favourite face product I love using both hand applied and through an airbrush. I love how it just melts into the skin and give the dewy natural glow.


Another of my favourites is Mac Cosmetics, Softening Lotion it is the perfect product for creating the perfect base. I also love Mark Traynor face tape in my editorial work to change the dynamics of my models face! I can’t live without it! 


What would be your advice for creatives looking to break it into beauty editorial?


A good photographer and a good model is key, even if you need to pay for shoot it’s worth it to get those hero images in your portfolio. If you can show in your portfolio a high level of work, you will then get offers of work with other creatives of a high level. Also, when doing your own shoot rather than ‘TFP’ you have complete creative control. 

Makeup Weapons Fast Five with Isabelle De Vries


You were just in Brisbane at Makeup Weapons HQ training your signature masterclass and always have exciting things happening! What is next on the horizon for you?


Wow what’s next? I’m expanding my tour to Canberra and Adelaide and looking to expand internationally next year. The support since my tour has been overwhelming! I’m excited for what 2019 holds! 

Makeup Weapons Fast Five with Isabelle De Vries


The Fast Five  

If you could have dinner with anybody dead or alive, who would that be and why?


Oooh... Can I say myself and 50 years? I mean wouldn’t it be great to get some insight a what paths to take!



Are you a dog or cat person?

I own two cats but I’m going to say dog, I really want a sausage haha 😂😂😂 



Tea or coffee? 


Neither I don’t drink any hot drinks! I know I’m strange.



What is your favourite Makeup Weapons brush? 

That would definitely have to be their lip-brush. I find it so easy to create a perfect crisp lip It’s the right Length and size! I use mine all the time. 


When was time you thought W-T-F? 

I’ll never forget when I worked backstage at fashion show and we airbrushed this incredible design with lace onto the models’ faces. They then went off to hair and when they came back the hairdressers had done wet pin curls on the face, smudged gel all over the make-up and completely ruined it the with only minutes to go on stage 😱


You can find Isabelle on Instagram under 

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