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Interview of Sheri Vegas for International Women's Day

SHERI VEGAS - Brisbane

I feel that International Women's Day is so important because woman have struggled forever to be given equality in all sorts of ways. I watched my mum work harder than anyone around her to eventually become a CEO but it was a struggle. Her boss kept hiring men to be her boss as he struggled with having a female CEO but in the end they all made mistakes and finally mum was named CEO. I feel woman have to be actually better and work harder to get the same treatment that men get, and days like this bring attention to the fact there is still work to do to achieve equality.

I am going to give my gift cards to men as I think it will make more impact, woman already know we still need equality. I am going to give one to my mothers husband who is a CEO as a reminder that woman still need a voice and the other two my uncles who both employ and work with woman.   

I'd like women around the world to hear this advice - Learn to push past the inertia of thinking you're not good enough, pretty enough, thin enough, smart enough or interesting enough and just reach for it and before you know it you will be there.  
I think it's super important to speak up for yourself in a calm and considered way and not be afraid to do so. I have found calm and considered has way more impact than angry and defensive.

Interview of Sheri Vegas for International Women’s Day
Interview of Sheri Vegas for International Women’s Day

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