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5 Spring Summer Makeup Tips

5 Spring Summer Makeup Tips

Longevity & Sparkle

5 Spring Summer Makeup Tips For Longevityand  Sparkle 

By Neha Hobson

I’ve been asked by so many of you on Instagram to share my PRO makeup tips for summer, particularly around how to avoid oiliness and help makeup last longer. In Australia, our Christmas coincides with summer so you’ll notice some holiday season tips too.

Here are 5 fail-proof tips to help you stay on-trend, hydrated, and achieve longevity and sparkle. I’ve also included my favourite products in each category.

TIP #1: Focus on Luminous Skin

This is the most detailed tip, but only because I think skin should always the central discussion.

In order to look hydrated but not oily, be mindful of the key ingredients, texture, and weight of your makeup base. Ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, for example, will naturally draw water to the skin.

If your skin tends to get excessively oily, don’t make the common mistake of going for a matte foundation, which can look flat and lack-luster. Instead, go for a primer that has in-built oil control and pore-minimizing qualities. Then choose a dewy, light-weight foundation or CC cream, and always seal the deal with a translucent powder (applied only as needed in areas like the T-Zone). Alternatively, dust a light-weight setting powder all over the face with a big fluffy brush.

5 Spring Summer Makeup Tips
Luminous Skin (Makeup By Neha Hobson)

Avoid the kind of heavy foundations more commercial or pharmacy brands usually offer. There are plenty of green beauty brands that offer full-coverage foundations that aren’t comedogenic (meaning they don’t block your pores). Your skin will be able to breathe and remain balanced.

If you have dry skin, choose a hydrating primer or even a facial oil above all. The water and oil barriers in your skin are separate and not to be confused. For example, someone may have acne, but that’s the end result of their skin being really dry and compensating by producing excessive oil, then breaking out. It is a common misconception that a beauty oil will make you oilier – it won’t, especially if you’re only using 1-2 drops at one time. Your skin will most likely absorb your serums and face oils quickly, giving you dewy, healthy skin.

In some cases, depending on your skin and the combination of products you’re using, you may decide otherwise. Again, set with lightweight finishing powder but be careful about placement. Avoid adding any powders under the eyes or on the cheeks, if these areas tend to naturally look dry.

My favourites include:

Danessa Myricks Beauty Oil in Original or Blaze (as the primer), It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better Foundation (with SPF 50), and Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder or Hourglass Ambient Lighting Finishing Powder.

5 Spring Summer Makeup Tips
Makeup by Neha Hobson

TIP #2: Make the Magic Last

If you’ve used a good quality primer, chances are your makeup is going to last throughout the day. These days you can get primers with mineral SPF too, a very important consideration in summer.

But what else can you do for longevity? The answer is a good quality setting spray. Kind of like hair spray but for your face, so you want to ensure the ingredients aren’t harsh and actually suit your skin type.

After you’ve completed your makeup, spritz all over the face to set. If you tend to suffer from inflammatory conditions like redness, look for soothing ingredients like Cucumber or Aloe Vera, and keep your facial spritzes in the fridge for a cooling effect. If you’re into your bronzers and highlighters, you could consider getting a setting mist with liquid gold (see my favourites for suggestions).

5 Spring Summer Makeup Tips
Makeup by Neha Hobson

My favourite primers and mists include:

To Save Face SPF50+ Mecca Cosmetica Sunscreen (which I often mix into my primer), One Step Correct Primer by Stila, and Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer.

Vani-T Ready Set Glow Setting Spray or All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray by Urban Decay.

For times when I just want something refreshing and balancing and not necessarily “setting”, I go for the Energy Clearing Mist by Freya’s Nourishment.

TIP #3: Shine On, and On

If you’re wanting to stay on-trend with your makeup, monochromatic looks and soft metallics are still going strong. Monochrome means choosing one dominant colour to stick to in your makeup, and then varying the tones, textures, and intensities within that same family. For example, you could create a rose-gold eye paired with a pink lip or a bronze-gold eye paired with a nude lip. The eyes and lips will complement one another because the colours originate from the same family, without looking exactly the same.

5 Spring Summer Makeup Tips
Stila Magnificent Metals Liquid Eyeshadow (Image from Stila Cosmetics on Pinterest)

I tend to spend a whole 5 minutes on my eye makeup (yup, I’m a little lazy at times) so if you’re like me, find low-effort, high colour-pay off palettes and liquid eyeshadows. Try keeping the eyelid really fresh, with some soft pinks and creams. For a dressier look, contour the lid using neutral and bronze shades, or something more vibrant like teal or orange. Then, for the wow-factor, add a megawatt sparkle using a liquid eyeshadow or some glitter eyeliner. It doesn’t have to be complicated, you just need a good go-to product to up the ante.

My favourites include:

Stila Magnificent Metals Liquid Eye Shadow, Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner, and Laura Mercier Caviar Chrome Veil.

TIP #4: Don’t Underestimate The Lash Curler

There isn’t an impressive movie montage or real-life makeover that didn’t involve bigger lashes. If you can’t get lash extensions this summer (something I personally love to do for the holidays) then invest in a good quality lash curler. It seriously works. Curl your lashes at the base and hold for 5-10 seconds. Then, curl the middle for 5 seconds, and then the tips for another 5 seconds. Now apply a volumizing mascara, and say hello to bigger, fresher eyes. Alternatively, add some false lashes for parties and special events. Full sets of false lashes can be tricky to apply on yourself, so go for individuals or trios if you need to.

My favourites include:

Makeup Weapons Diamontee-Encrusted Lash Curler, Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, Stila Huge Extreme Lash Mascara, Model Rock Trio-Flare Individual Lashes, and Krizma Faux Lashes.

5 Spring Summer Makeup Tips
Eyelash Curler from Makeup Weapons

TIP #5: Butter Up that Pout

Whether you’re sporting a bold, bright lip or breaking hearts with a nude, ensure your lips look juicy and hydrated.

This gives a fuller look to the lips and means they won’t dry out in the outdoor weather. Ingredients like Shea Butter, Avocado or any natural oils are fantastic. I also line my lips with a nude lip liner if I want them to look more prominent.

I know a bright lip is a serious commitment, so if I’m going for a red lip, I’ll always line with a red liner and clean and pat the edges of the lip with a foundation powder or concealer. I almost always apply a clear or slightly shimmery gloss on the center of my bottom lip as the finishing touch.

5 Spring Summer Makeup Tips
Makeup by Neha Hobson

If you’re game for something more advanced, try contouring the little crevice just under the bottom lip with your contouring product (either cream or powder, and usually 1-2 shades darker than your skin). Blend gently so it’s not obvious or blotchy, but ensure it doesn’t blend downwards into your chin. This will give the illusion of an even fuller bottom lip. You can also highlight the cupid’s bow and inner corners of the eyes with your favourite highlighter and a small angled brush.

The combination of all of these steps will give a dewy, healthy and fresh finish to your makeup.

My favourites include:

Chantecaille Lip Chic, Gerard Cosmetics Colour Your Smile Lipgloss, and Hourglass Confession High-Intensity Refillable Lipstick.

Finishing Tips

I haven’t focused on highlighters in this blog post, because I find that many people over-do them in summer and they can bring out the texture in the skin particularly where photography is involved. This isn’t the best look unless you have near-perfect skin. There are many ways to look dewy and highlighted without relying on highlighters alone – and this is why focusing on the right base products is key.

If you do choose a highlighter, go for a cream-based highlighter with some warmth in it to give your cheeks a lit-from-within glow. Stay away from overly pale or pearlized pigments, as they can wash out the complexion and make medium to darker skin tones appear ashy. They may also bring forward imperfections in the skin particularly once the sun rays hit.

Cream blushes blended into the cheeks and upwards towards the tops of the ears will give a dewy, lifted, youthful finish.

5 Spring Summer Makeup Tips
Neha Hobson teaching a Spring Makeup Masterclass at the Rialto in Melbourne – October 2019

Carrying blotting papers and hydrating or setting mists can also be useful. It’s a common misconception that oiliness is the only thing to worry about in summer; dryness can also be a factor depending on the level of UV and what kind of outdoor activities you’re doing.

The most important thing is to focus on protective, high-quality ingredients and choose makeup that makes you feel comfortable in your skin.

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