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Fast 5 with Shannon James Julian Williams

Fast 5 with Shannon James Julian Williams

Fast Five with Shannon Williams Interview By Sheri Vegas Makeup Weapons

Fast 5 with Shannon James Julian Williams



It seems like hair visionary Shannon Williams came almost out of nowhere to make his mark on the creative world. With his ability to effortlessly create pure hair art, ranging from gravity defying hairstyles to seamless polished looks and everything in between, this industry trail blazer is carving his way through not only the Brisbane editorial scene, but also on an international creative level. Whether shooting from rooftops in New York or working locally in Brisbane, Shannon puts 110% passion into all his jobs. We sat down recently with this sassy and sweet natured hair artist to talk 2016 trends, his professional journey and his ride or die products.

MW: Your body of work is amazing and you have worked on some insanely cool projects in insanely cool places, please tell us about a time (or several times) you thought “F*** yeah!” on the job.


SW: Last year when I was in New York for Fashion Week & had five shoots shot in Brooklyn and on rooftop buildings in the heart of New York City. It was such a monumental moment.


Fast 5 with Shannon James Julian Williams


MW: Tell us about your background, what path lead you to where you are today?


SW: I was born in Brisbane, parents originally from NZ, growing up with a music and dance background gave me the platform to be very creative. I finished year 12 and started to find full time experience as a hairstylist. I did full time college and got myself a job hired as an apprentice. Things happened and I ended up finding my passion in the editorial and photographic world. To this day I take my dance and music energy to capture in some amazing imagery!


MW: Let’s talk 2016 hair trends, what is hot right night?


SW:Texture, texture, texture! Bangs that add movement and lobs are going shorter

with added texture. Sea Salt Spray dried in leaving ends to be a lot more natural

for a grown out natural look. I say more texture the better!

Fast 5 with Shannon James Julian Williams


MW: Tell us about your product-squad. What are the hero products/tools in your kit are your ride or dies?


SW: Sachajuan! Ocean Mist one of my favourite products ever made! Also my Mason Pearson Brush


MW: What would be your advice for creatives looking to break it into editorial hairstyling?


SW: Don’t wait for opportunities, start grinding, look for creatives and start shooting! Make sure you know your principles and start creating. I’m still trying to break into it

myself. Don’t give up!


Fast 5 with Shannon James Julian Williams


MW: You always have exciting things happening! What is next on the horizon for you?


SW: Hopefully move overseas ASAP.


The Fast Five

 MW: If you could have dinner with anybody dead or alive, who would that be and why?

 SW: BEYONCE! She’s a triple threat! Hard worker and Determined. Love me someone who

grows constantly.


MW: Are you a dog or cat person?

 SW: Dog


MW: What could you absolutely not live without?



MW: Tea or coffee?

SW: Tea


MW: When was time you thought W-T-F?

Seeing my latest collection X

Want to find out more about Shannon? Look up his Instagram @shannonjjwilliams

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