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Makeup Weapons

Test Product


USE THE 1.2 SMALL TAPERED POWDER BRUSH AND EXPERIENCE THE POWER OF POWDER Ideal For All Powder. This Multi-Purpose Brush Can Be Used For Blush, Bronzer, Highlighting and Face Powders. Specifically Designed To Fit Easily Into The Contours Of The Face Perfect for personal use or on Vegan clients that don't want animal hair brushes used. These brushes suit everyone and every situation making them the perfect all rounders for your collection - Accredited Cruelty-free - Accredited Vegan - Sustainably Grown Bamboo Handle (much stronger than just using a wood, less likely to accept moisture and sustainably grown) - Double Crimped Pure Copper Ferrule (copper is much stronger than the usual painted aluminium and the bristles are crimped into place twice which ensure much less shedding) - Hand Placed Super Soft Bristles- (this means no sharp edges from cutting them into shape) - 100% Super Soft High Quality Synthetic Bristles (No animal was harmed in the making of this product and also eliminates the problem of product entering brush hair follicles and breaking them down therefore causing shedding) -Hand Made (This ensures that the brush is a quality product that will perform at a very high standard and why our client base consists of many top industry artists) SEE OUR REVIEWS: THEY SPEAK TO THE QUALITY OF OUR PRODUCTS Makeup Weapons brushes are an investment and if cared for correctly will stand the test of time For instruction on caring for your brushes please see our "About The Brushes" page AUSTRALIA WIDE POSTAGE ON THIS PRODUCT $5 FREE POSTAGE $50 AND OVER