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The Winners 2019 Weapons Of Mass Creation Competition !!! #weaponsofmasscreation #makeupcompetition

The Winners 2019 Weapons Of Mass Creation Competition !!! #weaponsofmasscreation #makeupcompetition

Our Winner in the Pro Category

"Weapons of Mass Creation" competition is  

Shev Kelly, Makeup Artist

With an incredible career as a makeup artist for over 20 years, Global Makeup Artist Shev Kelly, is known for being at the forefront of the makeup industry. Winner of Pro Artist of the year Shev's passion is creating art and collaborating with like-minded creatives, particularly when it comes to the runway. A natural at using colour and texture to evoke emotion, she continually pushes boundaries to achieve the unique and move beyond the trend. Her aim is to make the viewer look, see and think! 

Well respected in the industry as down to earth with a positive attitude Shev has worked with some of the biggest names in fashion and continues to do so year on year. Her impressive body of work ranges from creating looks for the runway, working with celebrity clientele, directing editorial shoots, creating content for Australia's most influential publications, designing looks for The Australian Ballet, working on countless brides to educating 1000's of students and brides. 

The Winners 2019 Weapons Of Mass Creation Competition!!! #weaponsofmasscreation #makeupcompetition

Shev’s career as a makeup artist has seen her work all over the world, with personal highlights including Paris Haute Couture Week, London Fashion Week and Barcelona Fashion Week over recent years. She has also worked at NYFW alongside designers such as Laquan Smith and Elisa Overland and rubbed shoulders with fashion icons Andre Leon Tally and Diane Von Furstenberg. Closer to home, Shev designed and directed all shows at MBFF Brisbane 2017 and has also worked her talents at MBFWA, MSFW, VAMFF and MBFF Sydney for over 15 years.

Her work has graced the cover of magazines such as Fashion Journal, The Myer Beauty Book, Complete Wedding Magazine, Fantastics and Desktop, with endless work in the pages of Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle, Grazia, Mamamia, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and GQ. Shev has also had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of celebrities such as Usher, Sting, Chris Brown, Margot Robbie, Jessica Mauboy, The Veronicas and Samantha Jade just to name a few. Add in her work on TV shows including Australia’s Next Top Model, The Biggest Loser, Today Show, The Logies, ACCTA Awards and The Morning Show and you have one of the most experienced artists working today.

When it comes to Bridal makeup and looks for special occasions, Shev ensure the client is always listened to with a look customized to suit each woman’s wants and needs. Her bridal work has been featured in countless “Best Of” Bridal Makeup Makeup Magazines and is the absolute expert in making your look absolutely flawless in photos.

When Shev is not working her magic on a face she is also an educator for both consumers and her peers. She regularly juggles teaching Masterclasses and one on one workshops with creating written content for publications thanks to her firm belief that everyone has the right to shine and feel empowered by the art of makeup. Renowned throughout the industry as someone who manages to fuse fun and professionalism, her love of culture and music ensures she is in control of not just the makeup backstage, but the song selection and atmosphere as well! 

Instagram: ShevKellyMUA

Runner Up in the Pro Category is 

Katie Saarikko

A Quick 5 from Katie 

  • What are your most amazing 5 career highlights?
- having my own makeup and photography published in Veneno Magazine this year. I'd had my makeup published before but my own photography was an achievement I'd hoped to meet by the end of the year.
 Makeup Director for Canberra's fashion show, Fashfest in 2018 after being Creative Director for 3 years
- researched actor Bud Tingwell's personal makeup kit while working at the National Film and Sound Archive and was interviewed on ABC Radio
- launching the first TranzAustralia Makeovers program with TranzAustralia in 2015 to provide support to the gender diverse community
- winning the student of the year award at makeup school was the first highlight of my makeup career
  • What is the next goal on your to do list?
- Moving to a bigger city. I've realised that to progress my career as a makeup artist it is ideal if I move to a city that has more industry. I'm currently in the process of moving from Canberra to Melbourne to follow my dreams. 
  • What inspires you as an Artist?
- I am inspired by colours, textures, features, feelings and nature. I'll often get fixated on an idea for months and it won't stop circling in my mind until I've created it. Colour is a huge thing for me, it can invoke emotion and bright childish hues make me feel happy. 
  • How do you make an impact on the industry?
- I make an impact by actively promoting diversity and doing my part to create an inclusive world for all. From writing to makeup schools imploring that they add more foundation colours to the kits, refusing to ask women of colour to provide their own foundation at fashion shows as directed to and ensuring I work with a range of models, I show my colleagues that we need to dismantle the systems in place that discriminate and oppress. My work with the gender diverse community has also been very rewarding to me and inspiring to my fellow artists. Being trusted by communities that are often ignored by the community has shown other artists that they need to be open to working with and stocking products for everyone. I support vegan and cruelty free brands too.
Who has positively impacted your career and why?
- I'm going to say the amazing artist Becca Gilmartin. Her sage advice has helped me reach deep inside myself and work out what I really want to do as an artist. This has impacted my career positively by helping me progress doing things I love, not what I think I'm meant to be doing. Her artistry also inspires me to think outside the box and continue to upskill.
  • What steps have you taken to grow as an Artist in the last year?
In the last year I've stopped doing the types of jobs that don't feed me creatively. Unexpectedly, I feel this has helped me grow as an artist because I've got a renewed passion for makeup as an art form. I'm trying to find my groove and continue to develop my own style. I have also focused strongly  learning. This includes studying beauty photography so that I can creatively direct my own shoots and nail art. I'm working on my own art exhibition in the sculpture medium using recycled toys. 
Instagram: @katie.saarikko.
The Winners 2019 Weapons Of Mass Creation Competition!!! #weaponsofmasscreation #makeupcompetition

Winner of the Emerging Artist Category Exiter Jane 

What Inspires you?
Makeup is powerful. It is transformative and can change the way we feel. My makeup style is often larger than life with a subtle softness. Colour, movement, texture & character draw me in. I am inspired by all types of art & creating makeups as though life were a stage. I love that makeup can tell a story & people can be living art. I am passionate about developing my skills & pushing boundaries.
Why I Am An Artist 
I attended a Brisbane Supernova event. It was at this event, watching all the makeup demonstrations, looking at the incredible cosplay creations and running into the AACM makeup booth that I made my decision to re-start my creative life and a few months later I was enrolled to study Hair, Makeup and Special Effects with The Australian Academy of Cinemagraphic Makeup; I finished my studies in December 2018 and have been pursuing makeup since. I have worked on all different types of film sets and have been collaborating with other creatives on photoshoots. I am currently enrolled in an Advanced Prosthetic Workshop run by Chad Atkinson & I am completing a Certificate 4 in Small Business. I entered The Brisbane Hair and Beauty Expo held on 28-29th July 2019 and was extremely encouraged and delighted to win 1st Place – Avant Garde/Creative Emerging Artist and also the Emerging Artist Champion
Instagram: @exiterjane 
The Winners 2019 Weapons Of Mass Creation Competition!!! #weaponsofmasscreation #makeupcompetition

The Runner Up Emerging Artist Category Cheyne Finney 

A Quick Few 
    • Are you loving being a part of the beauty industry?    Yes, definitely. I have met so many new, inspiring talented people that I never would’ve had the chance to do otherwise.
    • Do you feel the beauty industry is developing your talent.                                   Yes over the last year and a bit being a makeup artist, I have done more than I imagined I would be so early in my career. I have had some amazing people supporting me, giving me opportunities and encouraging me to push myself 
    •       3. Are you planning to kick career goals?
    •         Of course, I’m currently working on making a website for my online portfolio and I’m  making plans to get more bookings and make more connections in the future
    •      4. Do you achieve beautiful work you are proud of?
    •         Yes, I’m so proud of my work especially from this year! I’ve felt such a huge                            improvement in my work and I’ve been so proud that I’m continuing to push myself out  of my comfort zone and still ending up with work I’m proud of. @minifinneymua 

mini finney cheyne finney winner makeup weapons nymph in woods makeup