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1.3 Angled Contour Vegan Beauty Professional Makeup Brush


Enhance your face shape with our Angled Contour Brush, guilt-free and cruelty-free - the perfect tool for flawless makeup application. Our 1.3 Angled Contour Professional Makeup Brush is the ultimate tool for achieving a flawless makeup look with precision and ease. The angled shape of this brush allows you to effortlessly sculpt and contour your features, giving you a naturally...

1.4 Dome Foundation Vegan Beauty Professional Makeup Brush


Experience flawless beauty with our Dome Foundation Vegan Brush - where cruelty-free meets streak-free. Introducing our 1.4 Dome Foundation Vegan Professional Makeup Brush, an essential tool for achieving a flawless makeup look! The dome-shaped brush head is perfect for applying and blending foundation evenly on your skin. Say goodbye to streaks with this amazing cruelty-free brush, designed to provide a...

Essential Set - 12 Vegan Beauty Professional Makeup Brushes


Unleash your inner makeup artist with our Essential Set - a collection of 12 professional-grade vegan brushes Introducing the Essential Set - 12 Professional Grade Vegan Makeup Brushes, exclusively designed to cater to your every makeup need. Known as the ultimate arsenal of beauty weaponry, our brushes deliver a flawless and professional finish that complements your natural beauty. Each brush...

Professional Makeup Brush Eye Set


Enhance your eye game with our Professional Makeup Brush Eye Set - where cruelty-free meets flawless applicationIndulge in the art of makeup application with our Professional Makeup Brush Eye Set. Made of synthetic bristles, this fabulous set includes all the essential tools for a flawless eye look that you desire. Each brush is designed to enhance your natural beauty and...

Diamontee-Encrusted Signature Eyelash Curler


Use the Diamante Encrusted Signature Lash Curler and Never be Frightened to Curl Lashes Again EXCLUSIVE to Makeup Weapons and a BESPOKE design by Sheri to be extra super cushiony. With it's BESPOKE extra cushiony lash pad that easily gently grips even the smallest lashes, for that fat lash lifted effect.  Design to Lift and Curl Lashes (FEEL the difference SEE...

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