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How to use the Makeup Weapons

Makeup Weapons

Display Stand for your Makeup Weapons Brushes and Brush Bomb Cleanser


For personal use to hold your sets beautifully or as everyone knows first impressions count. At least triple your sales by allowing your customers to see your brushes displayed beautifully. Available for both the Brushes, Brow Balm and the Bio-Glitter and made of high-quality acrylic 

Selling Tip 1: As you do your client's makeup hand them a sample brush and a sample of the product you are using to hold as you explain, it's use and benefits... it's guaranteed to help your customers understand the reason your using quality products but also see that you are an expert and booking in for your makeup tutorials  

Selling Tip 2: After the makeup is complete always take your client to the product stand and explain the WHY it's important to educate and passionately believe in the products you use and recommend 

Selling Tip 3: Only use and recommend quality products you really believe in.. if you can't do without a product chances are your clients can't either  


Please Note does not include display product...Stand only  

Spend $1000 on any Makeup Weapons products and receive your stand for FREE 

These are a custom product and are made individually 

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