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Makeup Weapons

Bio Glitter "Mae West" Biodegradable Plastic Free Glitter

Perfect for personal use or on clients that value you using bio-products that do the job. You love GLITTER but also value our marine animals and the environment. Preferring natural clean products that biodegrade wherever possible Makeup Weapons Bio-Glitter is perfect for you, made primarily from Eucalyptus Trees, sourced from Responsibly Managed Plantations. Appreciating EXCLUSIVITY you are willing to make changes as long as it also includes functionality. Hand blended by Sheri to be suitable for use for the professional and enthusiast and on any area of the body including the face.A custom blend of mocha browns and chromes

Ability to enhance your lipstick, eye makeup or for use with any facial adhesive. Unbelievably light to wear, finer, less scratchy and way more comfortable to apply than plastic based glitters giving a gorgeous luxurious feel. Wait until you feel it, it's beautifully smooth.

Using Bio-Glitter proves you can have it all Ethics and Sparkle
  • Accredited Cruelty-Free - No animal was harmed in the making of this product
  • Accredited Vegan - No animal product was used in the making of this product



Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Olivia Jessop
great product and great service

Good glitter! Love that it's cruelty free and environmentally, so I felt great wearing it. Didn't feel scratchy on my skin, and the staff who dealt with my delivery were super helpful. Loved that I didn't contribute to all the waste left behind at festivals.

It's lovely to use isn't it , much lighter and softer to wear. Thank you Sheri x

Phoebe Venta
Softest glitter ever

i have totally changed and no longer will use any plastic glitter. this glitter is softer and nicer to use and my clients don't get that stiff feeling you get with other glitters. i also feel like I'm doing something positive for marine life

Thank you It's lovely when customers buy again and again Sheri

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