Weapons of Mass Creation
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Makeup Weapons

Weapons of mass creation volume 1 ( Pre-sale)

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Creativity Takes Courage.
-Henri Mastisse

This book came to me at a time when I need art the most, I had lost the drive and the passion for something that I had once loved. The industry had taken its toll on me, I felt lost at sea, I was just floating away. My ideas had dried up, my brain had burnt out and the passion was gone

 I soon discovered that it was not the passion to create that had faded, it was the courage to create that had faded. I put down my brushes, stepped away from creativity and decided to work on the business side of beauty. However I was not fulfilled, I still felt the tingling in my fingers that needed to be expressed.

Just because my brain had decided to be logical did not mean my heart had to follow.

I returned back to painting, my original passion, which lead me to be a makeup artist in the first place. I tried in vein to use painting to ease my tingling fingers and roaming mind, but the more I painted the played with new textiles and medium the more my courage to create came back to me. Being able to express my creativity in new ways lit that spark back up in me again and my creativity was set on fire. I wanted to paint faces again and push myself as a makeup artist.

Using items that were not traditional cosmetics products in each makeup design and experimenting with new medium, texture and materials and that is how the book was born.

In each look, there are elements used that you would not normally expect to see in beauty or creative makeup but those elements are what makes each makeup design interesting and special. Not only to you get to see the images that came from my imagination, you will also be invited to experience the journey of how these makeup designs were created. In each eBook, there will also be a number of tutorials showing my readers the behind the scenes of how each makeup was created, step by step. 

Pre-sale price $15.95 

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