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Product Bundle- Makeup Brush Stands

For personal use to hold your sets beautifully or as everyone knows first impressions count. At least triple your sales by allowing your customers to see your brushes displayed beautifully. Available for both the Brushes, Brow Balm and the Bio-Glitter and made of high-quality acrylic 


- Sustainably Grown Bamboo Handle (much stronger than just using a wood, less likely to accept moisture and sustainably grown)

- Double Crimped Pure Copper Ferrule (copper is much stronger than the industry usual painted aluminum and the bristles are crimped into place twice which ensure much less shedding)

- Hand Placed Super Soft Bristles (the industry usual standard for makeup brushes is that the bristles are placed together and then cut into shape. I am sure you have used brushes like this in the past ..when suddenly you get a sharp edge and it HURTS a lot. Not great, particularly on clients. Makeup Weapons brushes are different, all the bristles are hand placed NOT CUT this means no sharp edges and a much softer brush. Resulting in a much b better experience for yourself or your client)

- 100% Super Soft High-Quality Synthetic Bristles (No animal was harmed in the making of this product and also eliminates the problem of product entering brush hair follicles and breaking them down therefore causing shedding)

- Hand Made (This ensures that the brush is a quality product that will perform at a very high standard and why our client base consists of many top industry artists)


Makeup Weapons brushes are an investment and if cared for correctly will stand the test of time.